The naturalized species belonging to these genera

The naturalized species belonging to these genera should be monitored carefully, and further introduction of species belonging to these genera should be minimized. The geographical origin of naturalized species may influence their invasiveness in new areas (Wu et al. 2004a, b; Arianoutsou et al. 2010). As in most naturalized floras, naturalized plant species in China originated

from all continents. These data presented here are fairly consistent with previous analyses of the geographical origins of invasive plants in China (Liu et al. 2006; Xu et al. 2006b; Wu et al. 2010a), and in neighboring regions (Corlett 1988; Enomoto 1999; Koh et al. 2000). We can speculate as to two probable reasons for such a high proportion find more of American species in the alien flora of China (52%). First, this could be driven by the fact that naturalization success is increased with similarity of climate and biota: China and North America

share a wide range of similar environments and related biota, which may render each region more susceptible to each other’s immigrant species than species from elsewhere (Guo 1999, 2002). Second, commerce between the two regions has soared in the past few decades, which could have facilitated an upsurge in the transport of plant propagules from North America to China Ceramide glucosyltransferase (Liu et al.

2006; Ding et al. 2008; Weber et al. 2008). On the other hand, China is potentially less prone to invasions by South African plants in the near further; since there is quite low exchange of trade and tourism between China and South Africa, although the climate of China is suitable for certain plants originating from South Africa (Liu et al. 2005; Thuiller et al. 2005). The question of whether it is possible to determine a set of traits that predispose a species towards naturalization has been a central theme since the emergence of invasion ecology as a discrete field of study (Richardson and Pyšek 2006; Pyšek and Richardson 2007). Life form (usually separating species into annual, biennial, perennial, shrubs, and trees) of a naturalized flora are the most frequently Bortezomib research buy analyzed traits (Lloret et al. 2004). It is a general pattern that the life form spectrum of the naturalized taxa is characterized by a high proportion of herbaceous taxa (Pyšek et al. 2002; Lambdon et al. 2008; Weber et al. 2008). The naturalized flora of China is similarly characterized by a prevalence of annuals and perennial herbs among the naturalized plants. The high fraction of annuals (about 60%) in our list is likely driven by a high number of agricultural weeds.

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