This included transcripts

This included transcripts encoding for ion channel and trans porter proteins and regulators of synaptic transmission. These find ings suggest a profound and sustained impairment of neu ronal signal transmission during the course of EAE. The persistent suppression of transcripts for MOG, myelin basic protein, myelin associated oligodendrocytic basic protein and oligodendrocyte myelin glyco protein indicates dysfunction or even loss of oli godendrocytes, putative primary targets of the immune response in EAE. Upregulation of CNS genes in the recovery phase but not in the acute phase suggests a potential contribution to repair processes. Twelve CNS specific genes showed this expression profile. Some of these genes had been described to be involved in repair or regenerative processes within the CNS before.

Id4. Ednrb. Cdh22 and Glrx2. Interest ingly, however, the angiogenic growth factor PdgfdPnlip, the cytokinesis controlling armadillo protein Pkp4. the peroxysome regulator Pex11a and Hoxb8 have not been associated with repair processes in the CNS yet. Two transcripts of this group are Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries not yet defined. The cholesterol biosynthesis pathway in EAE Cholesterol is an essential component of eukaryotic plasma membranes and represents around 30% of the lipid content within the CNS. In the mature CNS, the highest cholesterol content can be found in oligodendro cyte myelin. Cholesterol availability in oligodendrocytes is rate limiting for myelination. Interestingly, our data revealed a suppression of many genes Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries associated with the cholesterol biosynthesis path way throughout the acute, recovery and relapse time points.

This suppression included HMG CoA reductase catalysing the rate limiting step in cholesterol biosynthe sis. A comparable general decrease of the expression of cho lesterol transport proteins was not noticed. Rather, Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries apolipoprotein C I and CD36 were strongly upregulated during the acute disease phase. The expression profile and the known expression pattern of CD36 suggest that its upregulation is probably Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries caused by As the transcription of the HMG CoA reductase or LDLR is inhibited by the presence of cholesterol derivatives, we assessed the total cholesterol concentration in the spinal cord tissue and detected no change Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries of the cholesterol con centration at any time point of EAE.

Hence, the downregulation of the expression of the enzymes of the cholesterol biosynthesis pathway was not associated with a corresponding decrease of cholesterol concentra tion. SLPI in MOG induced EAE of DA rats The expression of the secretory leukocyte protease inhibi tor was approximately 100 fold upregulated dur ing the acute disease phase and more than 10 fold during the recovery and relapsing phases. Immuno histochemical analyses of spinal cord slices from rats suf fering from acute EAE showed a strong SLPI staining restricted to the inflammatory infiltrates.

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